ASFA coursing at Summit Raceway, SEPT 20, 2014

ASFA coursing at Summit Raceway, SEPT 20, 2014

CWA Event added 

The premium for the Rock n' Roll Whippet event, to be held concurrently with LARK's LGRA event on June 4 and 5, 2016.

See Event Calendar for more details, and link to premium list.

R n' R WA Event

Update: MAY 21, 2016

New Website 

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Welcome to LARK

Founded in June of 2006, LARK offers amateur sighthound racing and ASFA lure coursing  in North East Ohio.  We consider the Lorain County Kennel Club Park, as our home field, but do offer practices in other locations.
Sighthounds?  Racing?  Lure Coursing? You ask...............
Hound breeds are divided into two subsets, based upon their hunting methods.  "Sight" hounds have been bred, for centuries, to hunt by sight.  Simply put, they locate their prey using their eyes instead of their nose - and then the chase begins!
Racing is a sport, where the dogs are graded on the speed with which they chase down their prey.  Of course, in this case, its an artificial lure. 
Lure Coursing is a sport, where the dogs are judged on how well they chase an artificial lure around a field.  This is a pulley driven system with white plastic bags on a line, being pulled by an engine.  Dogs are scored on how well they follow, how fast they are, how agile they are, and how enthusiastic they are.
LARK currently offers sighthound racing under the rules of Continental Whippet Alliance (CWA), and The Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA).
We also offer lure coursing under the American Sighthound Field Association rules.

In 2017, we will offer oval racing under National Oval Track Racing rules. 
Our sister club The Rock-n-Roll Whippet Association offers whippet racing under the Continental Whippet Alliance  rules.

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